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    Die Regeln von Biosphere wurden vom Verlag leicht überarbeitet.

    Englische Version:

    Anmerkungen dazu von Boardgamegeek:

    The main issues that are resolved relate to the tie breaker band.

    1) In the setup, the players have to place their tokens counterclockwise on the special cards display! (see page 2 point 9)

    2) The penalty on the Tie-Breaker-Band is a onetime loss! Once the first player reaches or skips the first green corner space, the following rule applies from then on: A player, who has their marker on one of the specially marked spaces on the tie breaker band at the end of phase 3, they need to reduce the lifespan of their type on the lifespan survey only once by 2 points (in the first section), or only once by 1 in the second section. (see page 7)

    3) In the final version there is no extinction, but only an inability to reproduce: „Should this cause the marker in one environment to move below the starting value (the marker may only drop one space below starting value!), this type becomes unable to reproduce in that environment. The marker will then be placed on the symbol of this environment. Until the player receives another bonus for this environment, they may not place new populations into this environment during phases 5 or 6, but may still move populations into or through that environment during phase 4.“
    (see page 7)

    4) Playing with the Tie-Breaker-Band is only a variant of the game, if you want a little bit more tactic in the game. For the first couple of games, we recommend playing without the Tie-Breaker-Band.

    Der Lösung ist es egal wie das Problem entstanden ist!

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